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The quick answer is yes 99% of the time.

Now the long, generally only 1% can keep their wisdom or third molars. A couple of things need to be met in order to successfully keep their thirds or wisdom teeth.

  1. All opposing wisdoms need to erupt into place, meaning both top and bottom teeth need to come in fully and occlude or bite together. They cannot have soft tissue covering any part of the surface of the tooth. They need to be straight and not on any angle. The jaw needs to have the room to host the wisdom teeth.
  2. The patient needs to be able to keep them clean by flossing and brushing them daily. Dentist will do simple restorations on them; rarely will any major work be done on them such as Root Canal Therapies (RCT) or crowns.

All of the above needs to be met in order to retain the wisdom teeth.

The next question asked will my wisdom teeth crowd my other teeth? Decades ago half the dentist believed they could, now it is generally known that they do not, but there is a general forward inclination of everyone’s teeth  forward and contacts between the front (anterior) teeth is very small and slippage in the contacts will cause crowding, especially in the lower jaw.

Why are they called wisdom teeth?  My answer is because they do tend to be very diverse in their form: roots can be cone shaped, roots spread apart, multi-rooted, I have even seen roots that made it look like an” Octopus Tooth. ” Their size can be normal, very small or very large. Their eruption can be sideways, backwards, I have yet to see them upside-down. Wisdom teeth tend to have a mind of their own, all four present , to one to none present and everything  in between and beyond, I have seen extra teeth over the full dentition of 32 teeth.

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