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Motorized Tooth Brush? or Manual Tooth Brush?


Motorized Tooth Brush? or Manual Tooth Brush?

In the “right hands” both are great.  I am a firm believer that everyone needs to be educated on the proper methods of use for each. Motorized is great for patients that may need some help, but the operator still needs to place it correctly on all the surfaces of the teeth, this generally takes longer because the brush head sizes are usually smaller. Remember ALWAYS SOFT or even Extra soft bristles, NEVER a medium nor a hard brush!!! If you are unsure ASK!!!


How Do you Know You May Be Brushing TOO HARD??

As you routinely change your toothbrush every 3 months or after a cold or flu, does your brush appear “frayed out”? After 3 months the bristles should appear almost new or slightly spread apart. If your brush is looking “beat up” then you may be brushing too hard!! I like the term “polishing your teeth”   Brushing term sounds hard to me, better to polish your teeth like a fine automobile finish, “Do Not Scratch the Paint!”

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