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It was thought up until the year 2000 that Mesenchymal  Stem Cells (MSC) were only found in the placental cord blood at birth and were lost if not saved at that time. In 2000 a dentist  Dr. Sangtao  Shi D.D.S.  MS. PhD. found these highly valuable MSC in the pulp tissue of baby teeth. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are highly valuable cells that can morph into just about any highly special cell in your body and have your specific genetic coding for the individual hence it came from. This has the potential to cure diseases, grow organs, grow tissues, reducing rejection and saving lives. Now before everyone gives a sigh of relief the science is early and I may never see the full potential of the new discovery in my life time, sadly!! After the finding of the MSC in Primary(Baby) teeth each holding up to 50 cells in their pulp the finding of up to 15 cells in each vital Secondary(Adult) tooth was discovered, another reason to make sure you take care of your teeth!!!!!

The current thought is that we as dentist will be able to help patients procure the Mesenchymal  Stem Cells and a laboratory will regenerate the desired tissues or organs needed. Currently there  are lab banks  storing for patients and also taking donations of teeth for research, one such lab is NDPL, National Dental Pulp Lab 500 Donald Lynch Blvd Marlborough, MA 01752 Tel #617-244-6375 web.www.NDPL.net , they will store teeth for a fee, however they for free will except tooth donations.

In conclusion your teeth may hold the future of your LIFE in it pulp tissue. Thus, take care of your teeth and your teeth will take care of YOU!!stem-cell

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