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Dental Implants and Mini-Implants


Why Dental Implants and not bridges?

A dental implant can be a “stand alone” solution to restore a missing tooth or teeth. They are surgically placed into a patient’s bone with minimal bleeding and little to no pain after placement. The healing of the dental implant is approximately six months on average.  After healing the implant is restored with a crown to look and function as a natural tooth. This means adjacent teeth are left untouched and home maintenance is like any natural tooth with flossing and brushing. Implants cannot get cavities!!!

Have a loose lower denture that just will not stay in place? Mini- Implants!!

Dr. Chang has a possible solution,” Mini-Implants” are placed in the lower jaw and a special attachment placed into your existing denture. It is as easy as “SNAP”, this procedure can generally be accomplished in a single visit and “SNAP” your denture is secure and your “quality of life” is improved.  Making Smiles!!