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Please Do Not Wait Until It Hurts:


Please Do Not Wait Until It Hurts:

Waiting until it hurts can cost you, the patient, more in most all cases. Most early problems with teeth do not hurt!!! Let me stress that!! EARLY ISSUES WITH TEETH USUALLY DO NOT HURT!!! That being said regular checks will catch most issues before they are noticeable to patients. A patients homecare is very important daily flossing and brushing, avoiding sugary foods and drinks, and avoid chewing extremely hard foods and “things”, that may break restorations or your teeth. Patients who keep up with periodic “recare” appointments will significantly decrease problems with their teeth .

We Have A Saying! Take Care of Your Teeth and They Will Take Care of You!

I cannot stress this enough, routine dental visits and care will save most patients much pain and cost. The recommendations of a dentist are also important to reducing pain and cost, often issues of teeth cannot be felt, thus some restorations to teeth before they are felt by the patient are necessary. Make an informed decision when it comes to your care and your teeth.