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Why a Dentist makes sense to perform Botox and Fillers?


Why a Dentist makes sense to perform Botox and Fillers?

As a dental student we spent considerably more time studying and reviewing the  head and neck anatomy. As a Dentist we have an acute eye for aesthetics,  Botox and Fillers are a great compliment aesthetically to your SMILE!! Enhancing lips to appear fuller and smoothing out “frown lines” and “crow’s feet” all enhance your SMILE!! Come in for a free consultation and “de-bunk”  many of the “Myths” about Botox and Fillers. Please plan your treatment in advance! Filler results  are immediate, Botox takes up to 2 weeks for results to  be achieved, patients appear rested once facial lines are smoothed out. How long does Botox last? Generally results last for 3 months. Repeated treatments may allow results to last longer. Filler in the lips last 3 months as well, do to normal usage. Filler in deep lines of the face may last longer. Is Botox safe? Yes it is in the trained hands of a professional. Will my face look frozen? No, again in the trained hands, we place the Botox in site specific areas of the face to allow for normal expressions and an aesthetically pleasing look. That being said, the importance of post injection care by the recipient is very important, minimal alcohol use, NO facial Massages’!, Minimal to NO makeup application to areas treated for 2 days post injection. Remember all these treatments are reversible with time, unlike facial surgery; those results may never be reversible. Check in for “Specials”. Refer a friend for treatment and receive $100.00 towards your next facial aesthetics treatment.