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“Oil Pulling” What is this?



Several patients of mine have inquired about this treatment called “oil pulling”, so I looked into the practice. It is done using 100% natural unprocessed Coconut Oil or Black Walnut Oil.  People with Nut Allergies and Cocamide Hypersensitivity should not use this form of treatment. By using approximately 1 teaspoon placed into the mouth and “swished” for several minutes, then spitting it out,  but DO NOT PLACE DOWN THE DRAIN!! These oils may solidify in the drains and block the drains in time.

This ancient treatment is used to detoxify oral tissues that may cause periodontal issues such as Gingivitis (bleeding gums), Periodontal Disease (Bone loss and Pocketing around teeth) and Oral Thrush a yeast infection of the oral tissues.

Does this work? I believe there may be some benefits to this practice. The rinse brand “Listerine” by Johnson and Johnson has several oils in it’s formulation as the active ingredients.  Listerine has many successful studies demonstrating their rinses work to fight against Periodontal Diseases.

One of my patients absolutely detests the taste of MINT and this patient is hard pressed to find a rinse that is not MINT flavored. I, myself, have tried the coconut oil pulling and did feel an overall general benefit from it. In conclusion I believe there are benefits from Oil Pulling, I find the after taste of coconut it very pleasing. Please do NOT block your drains. If you have any nut allergies or hypersensitivity to nuts DO NOT ATTEMPT!!