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To Chew Gum or Not To Chew Gum?


To chew gum or not to chew gum? That is a question often asked of me. I am a firm believer that chewing gum properly can help in maintaining oral hygiene. That being said a few concerns must be met when chewing gum.

  • Sugarless gum is best.
  • Size, should be” Chiclet “(small square) or half a stick of gum, never a large amount.
  • Move the gum equally to left and right side of mouth.

Sugarless gum for the obvious, constant sugar insult to the teeth can increase chances for decay. Size does matter, too large an amount can build jaw muscles and cause TMD (TemporoMandibular  Joint Disorders) issues.”Bubblicious Gum” size is too large and heavy with sugar.  Moving the gum right side to left side of the mouth will help in building jaw muscles evenly and keep jaw alignment.

Benefits of chewing gum properly can be: keeping the oral tissues wet with saliva, removing acids and debris off of teeth, polishing restorations in the mouth. Chewing gum may even freshen-up  your breath.

Some gum chewing etiquette.

Please chew with your mouth closed and do not smack your lips. Please dispose of your used gum properly, Please NOT on to the ground! Please DO NOT attach it to furniture or behind your ears! Please place into trash receptacles. Please do not chew other peoples used gum!!