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THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE END of YEAR!!                 

Administrative Items:

  • Call your Insurance Company and ask to roll over the unused benefits, especially if there are major dental needs for the coming year.
  • Schedule an appointment to use your benefits before the end of year; you lose it if you do not use it.
  • Get College students in while they are home, if they are due.
  • Make sure Full-time Students are registered as such at their Insurance Companies; this can be done by the “Registrars Office” at the schools.
  • Pay off any balances for the year for the tax deduction. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Most all dental insurances re-new at the beginning of the year, one exception is the closed Delta Massachusetts Public Employee’s (Delta MPE-fund) it re-news July 1st. Some Insurances allow a roll over of some un-used benefits, they may not tell you about it you need to ask, because the insurances get to keep all un-used moneys’.  FSA money is all lost if not used it does not roll-over. HSA money is yours and  may roll-over. College students that are Full-Time (FT) must have their college Registrars office send notice each semester to the insurance companies or their insurances will be denied and be your responsibility.

I hope this information is helpful! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and A SAFE NEW YEAR to ALL!!