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“What Toothpaste Should I Use?”


What Toothpaste Should I Use?

I am asked this question almost daily, my short answer is the one you like the taste of!! Now the long, not all toothpaste are the same! The general idea is the same and that is they act as a cleansing agent to help to remove debris off of your teeth. There are Desensitizers added to some for reducing sensitivity, some have peroxides for whitening and some may help strengthen your teeth by using fluoride,which also can reduce cavities. Depending on suggestions and needs for each patients the recommendations will vary among patients. But a good tasting fluoridated paste is the best, only use a pea-size amount on your brush any more is a waste. The big curl in the Ads looks nice and you will buy more of their product.  See how much of that ends up in the sink when you use more than a “pea-size” amount.

If your teeth are sensitive try using a desensitizing gel or paste. And always use an “Extra Soft Brush.” I would also recommend that patients using the desensitizers to alternate between that and another dentifrice  (Toothpaste), so as to not be “De-sensitized to the desensitizers.” If you are in doubt of your dentifrice being too abrasive,  I suggest squeezing a small amount between your thumb and forefinger  and rubbing it, if you feel a great amount “grit” there may be a heavy amount of ground-silicates and is probably too abrasive for your teeth. Switching to a “ GEL= type” will be softer on your teeth.

Warning!! Some ingredients in toothpaste are harmful to humans and need to be spit out and not ingested. One brand has “Triclosan,”is an industrial solvent and used in some pesticides. If ingested please call Poison Control at #800-222-1222. They will generally tell you to drink copious amounts of water, but may tell you to get to an Emergency room at a Hospital in rare cases. This being said, remember only a “pea-size” amount is needed for your entire mouth. Watch and monitor the use when it comes to small children. Remember to Floss, Brush and Rinse daily and in that order!!!